All the Single Plastics

How are we going to continue to avoid single use plastic water bottles during our entire trip through South America?

Currently I am able to completely avoid drinking out of plastic water bottles. There are many instances in which I have chosen to use my hands to drink out of the sink rather than accept a plastic bottle of water.  Here are just two of many reasons why.

  1. Plastic water bottles are a complete waste

  2. BPA free water is still full of countless other harmful chemicals. See NPR Article

So I am determined to find a way to continue to drink filtered water out of a reusable water bottle while in South America.

Of course Jake quickly found what seems to be a good idea thus far with a product called the Berkey Filter and more specifically the Go Berkey

Check out the specks

  • 1-quart storage capacity

  • 4-inch diameter by 14 inches high

  • 3 pounds while empty

  • Produces water for one or two people

  • Produces up to 1 gallon of purified drinking water per hour

Here is a good review on You Tube. and another here.

Life Straw looks like an interesting option as well.

Plastic utensils are also huge single use plastic culprit which we are hoping to avoid.