Kids backpacks.... there are so so many to choose from.  Luckily most are incredibly ugly and others lack any true features which is making the choice a bit easier! The children are going to start using and packing their own backpacks now in an effort to train them to

  1. Carry their own things (water, snacks, toys)

  2. Pack their own bags

  3. Chose what they will carry and be responsible for their own items packed or left behind

Features that are required for the sabbatical include :

  • outside pocket for water bottle

  • chest strap

  • waist strap

  • outside pocket

  • inside pocket

  • 12-14" in size

  • light weight

Bonus features include:

  • Bladder

  • pockets on waist strap

  • ethically made

  • ethical materials

So far it is looking as though the REI Tarn12 is the best choice for our two kiddos ages 2 and 3.  Check out this great review at the Wirecutter for all the details.


Update 8/2017

So we decided to go ahead with the REI Tarn12 and have not looked back.  I am absolutely in love with the functionality of these packs and they just look so cute too! We use them every time we go to the beach, swim class, and any other outing which requires a snack or water.  I love being able to hang their hats on the bags and store things with needed easy access in the front pocket.  When we go to the beach or pool we pack the goggles in the front zipper, their change of clothes in the front pocket, and then their towel on the inside.  When we go to the beach we carry all these items along with the snacks and water bottles.  It has been nice for them to each have their own snack container and water bottle.  Check out our other Beach Gear here.