Our family has been dedicated to minimal consumption of plastics for many years. So the idea of taking these practices on the road with us was a no brainer. We did have to do some research, and prepare in order to accommodate our lifesty of avoiding single use plastics and have some great tips to share to help you, but don’t be fooled we are far from perfect and have a lot of work to do to be plastic free.

Water Filter

Don’t be fooled into believing you can’t avoid drinking out of plastic bottles while you travel. You can always bring your own water filter in order to avoid having to buy any water.

Reusable Grocery Bags

Bringing your own grocery bags is simple and become second nature. We love having our Envriosax as well as our Aloha Collection bags for all of our shopping needs.

Picnic Pack

Traveling with kids means always being ready for a snack. You won’t hardly ever see us out of the house without our Picnic pack. This pack includes stainless steel utentils, cups, cloth napkins, and snacks.



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