Preschool or South America

Shortly after Anja was born it dawned on us that we would have two children in preschool for two years in a row.  Our two children are only 18 months apart and with Anderson being a September birthday he just misses the cut-off for Kindergarten meaning he would need to spend yet another year in preschool. 

"That's a lot of money to send two kids to full day preschool 5 days a week!" said Jake.

"We could live in Colombia for that amount of money!" I added.

And so here we are!

We figured out that we could live on about $100 a day. And that we would have three years to save and plan.  We have many many airline miles, will be selling our cars, and renting our home to add a little more to the pot.

Now we are one year away from our departure and excited beyond belief!  I don't think a day goes by where we don't think our talk about our "radical sabbatical" our "surf sabbatical". And I am starting to worry that our friends may be getting sick of hearing about it!

But if this is something you hope to do one day with your family. If you want to live abroad or simply travel with a young family, follow along with us as we start to pick our route, gather our supplies, and make some incredible memories.

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