Resetting the Metronome

Mexico City was a great way to transition into living abroad.  Staying with my cousins afforded us the luxury of having personal tour guides, comforts of home cooking, and of course the love of family surrounding our children. 

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Do kids need car seats in Mexico?
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Now that we have made it to the coast it is time to settle into a groove and create some new routines that will help the children feel at ease and keep us all fed and happy.

Today we went to the grocery store to create a base for our culinary endeavors.  We went to the traditional grocery store to buy some of the staples and a few days worth of food.  Later this week we will go to the "mercado" for some locally grown fruits, veggies, and meats! 

I am so happy that we brought plenty of our reusable grocery bags and our new Aloha Collection bags.  This is paramount in enabling us to stay true to our goal of avoiding single use plastics. You can count on us reusing the plastic bags we encounter along the way like the one above used to gather our organic lemons at the market today.  I foresee some nuts cozying up there sometime soon, or some organic scraps on their way to be fed to the neighbors chickens. 

Most days mimic our weekend life back in California pretty well.  We wake up, eat breakfast, and head to the the beach.  The beach where we surf  is about a 10 minute walk down a dirt road, with some mud puddles left from the night's rain. All the traditional landscapes of a Mexican surf town surround us; dogs perched on rooftops, tiendas selling fresh coconut water, and little kids attending to their grown up chores.


We make it home in time for lunch, Anja naps, Johanna does some work on Mar Y Lana, and the boys go on some sort of adventure.  Then once Anja wakes up we all head to the pool until dinner time!  Simplicity at it's best!


One of our intentions for the trip to is volunteer in the community, so not everyday will look exactly the same.  We have already helped out with a program called Libros para Pueblos.  And we are also hoping to help in the elementary school once their summervacation is over. We still have several weeks here, so I'm sure we will find more ways to contribute!