We Thought We Wanted an Endless Summer!

Viewfrom CasaMarSuites

It's official, living in San Diego has made us weather wimps.  We've lived there for the past 15 years, therefor any tolerance that my body had developed to the heat, from growing up in the Yuma desert, has evaporated into the sea. 

Spending the past month on the coast of Oaxaca with 85-90 degree weather and up 90% humidity has at times been flat out miserable. But we found our routines and learned when it was appropriate to be outside and when we were better off retreating to our air-conditioned apartment.  

The good thing about coming here first, is that we have now reconsidered many of the other locations that we thought we should visit and replaced them with more weather appropriate locations.  This means we are going to be spending several hours redoing some research and we will be rerouting some of our trip. But thank goodness we now are fully aware our limitations in terms of humidity and heat.  What we ultimately realized is that it is not an endless summer we will be chasing, but an endless spring.