Baby Zen- Yo Yo Travel Stroller

We are so excited about our stroller for this trip. This stroller is so lightweight and fits in the overhead compartment of the airplane.

We first heard about this stroller from the Bucket List Family.  This is their go-to stroller.  After looking on-line and researching many other travel strollers, we too thought the Baby Zen was the best way to go.

We were so excited to unpack it, put it together, and practice opening and closing it.  The assembly was really pretty easy except for a little trying and retrying with the shade. Otherwise, it was very straightforward and a quick process. 

Just as promised this stroller is extremely light, the cloth is high quality, as well as soft, and opening and closing this stroller is like butter. So smooth and easy to do with one hand!

There are very few things to remember when closing. Like, make sure the wheels are pointed straight rather than to the sides. And then also just trust that it will closing with the help of gravity.  When opening all you have to do is undo one very easy latch and voila. Go, go, gadget stroller!

So far we are in love.  I can't wait to take it down the board walk in Biarritz, through the streets of Buenos Aires, and off roading through the country side in Ecuador!