But First Morrocco

It feels like it was all a dream. The smells ... the colors... the tastes... and the friendships.

Knowing that I would be having my 5th surgery of the past 11 months with 2 left to go was the perfect catalyst for this unforgettable trip with WE ARE CREATIVE ADVENTURES. After getting the blessing from my husband and time off from work, I got busy with the next most logical step. Recruiting!  And the gems that I was able to talk into going on this trip with me ended up being the perfect fit.  From the souks of Marrakesh, and camels of the Rocky Sahara, to the clean lines of Imsuoan, oh those unforgettable lines, we knew that no matter who else we ended up sharing Morocco with, Team Encinitas was going to revel in all it had to offer.  Little did we know that end result was far more than we could have ever fancied.