What is a Capsule Collection?

Choose two-three base colors and build your collections around that!

Choose two-three base colors and build your collections around that!

The term Capsule wardrobe was coined in the 1970’s by Susie Faux who owns the boutique “Wardrobe” in London.

Now a days a capsule refers more to a collection of interchangeable items that allows one to have a variety of outfits for most any occasion with out having to consume a large amount of clothing. You can achieve this by purchasing staple items in coordinating colors and then supplementing items with more flair. This idea is popular within the slow-fashion movement as well as fans of minimalism . But still another group that benefits from this idea is the travel community.

You could spend hours searching Pinterest for capsule collections organized by color, number of items, or even destination and season.

Here you can see my current collection of clothing that I brought for long-term international travel.

4 tank tops

3 T-shirts

3 blouses

3 shorts

3 pants

2 jumpsuits

2 dresses

1 Poncho/shawl

1 pair of tennis shoes

1 pair of sandals

But this is was not the original collection. Since beginning our sabbatical and needing both cool and warm weather clothing I have gotten rid of 2 longsleeve t-shirts, 1 button up sun-shirt, a pair of tennis-shoes (I swapped them out for the converse), a pair of Birkenstocks and strappy sandles (I wasn’t wearing them), a colorful blouse, and beach dress, a too-stinky-to-wear-anymore short sleeve shirt, 2 lightweight pants, and a lavender shawl. Now that the rest of our travels will be in warm climates I sent some things packing with my mom. I am confident that these 23 items(plus undergarments and bathing suits) will be all I need for these last three months.

Most people would argue against traveling with white clothing but when it was time to pack for a year long trip with my family I vowed to not buy anything new. When I looked at my clothing that I already owned this color scheme was easy to spot. It also allowed me to incorporate my favorite poncho which I love to travel with.


Some Outfits in Action!