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Airbnb is a wonderful way to travel on a tight budget. You not only can find a great deal but you often also have access to a full kitchen and other conveniences of “home”. We have stayed at 11 airbnb homes in the past 7 months. Here is a list of considerations when booking a trip with airbnb.

Long term stays vs short term stays

  • Long term stays are great because you really get comfortable but this means things also get dirty. Be prepared to do deep cleaning along the way to prevent a lengthy cleaning on your move out. (Magic erasers are great for walls and are small and light)

  • Short term stays may inhibit fully unpacking but the kids are more captivated by the newness of everything creating less boredom.

How to Choose a Property

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  • READ the reviews (don’t book anything that does not have reviews)

  • Cross reference the map with google maps to make sure you are staying in the locations you really want. Or even send the host a message before booking and ask them for cross streets.

  • Don’t be afraid to ask the host questions before you book.

  • Check out the weather to be confident on the types of amenities you may want/need for example do you need air conditioning or heat? Dry towels, hot water?

What to Make Sure to Take With You

Dont forget to get your airbnb host whatsApp number so you can get a hold of them when you arrive
  • The hosts WhatsApp or other contact info. Once you make your reservation you can exchange contact info with the host. Then you can communicate through WhatsApp and make things easier on yourself once you arrive in your international destination.

  • Extra basics toilet paper, dish soap, laundry soap, kitchen items, trash bags, drying line. Some things you may want to take in your luggage and others you can buy when you arrive. But don’t expect that the host will provide all these provisions.

Dont take this to an airbnb.

What to Leave at Home

  • Play-dough, markers, and any other ‘toys’ that can stain the walls, floors, and furniture.

  • Obnoxious behavior that will bother the host or neighbors.

First Thing to do When You Arrive

What to do when you arrive at your airbnb. When you arrive at your airbnb do these things
  • Stash all the nick knacks so the kids can’t break them. So many homes are incredibly well styled but that means little decorations here and there that can easily be broken. Make your life easier. Take a photo prior to moving items so that you can easily put them back before you leave.

  • Locate the cleaning supplies

  • Ask all the questions. Which keys are for what? Where is the electrical box, the main water line shutoff, the gas. Who do we call in an emergency? What if I get locked out? How does the stove work, the hot water, the Wifi where does the trash go are there extra trash bags somewhere?

Don’t forget when you leave

  • Kitchen gadgets- if they were important enough for you to haul around don’t repeat our mistakes and leave it in a kitchen drawer when you leave.

  • All the stuff the kids hid under the furniture

  • Toiletries in the shower. International showers seem to lack nitches or places to put things.
    We have inadvertantly left razors and products perched up on the shower door or in other odd places.


  • Keep your paws off the walls

  • Keep noise down / don’t slam doors!

  • Fill out your review asap. The host is really counting on your positive review.

  • Strip the beds and gather the towels etc.

  • Take out the trash and leave a clean kitchen

  • Clean out the refrigerator

  • Turn off the lights

  • If you damage something, make sure to report it. .

Johanna Swanson