There are so many little details that have gone in to planning this trip and then are the BIG events that must happen in order for the dream to come to fruition.  Renting our house was one of the biggest pieces of the sabbatical puzzle.  This will pay our mortgage while we are away, as well as provide us with some needed income to support our $100 a day budget.

When the official notice of my leave of absence was given, I decided to put out a post on Facebook to see if anyone was interested in signing a year lease.  It was a bit early to ask but I figured it couldn't hurt.  Well, not only is our house rented, but it is rented to the best family ever!  Someone I have known for years and completely trust. What a huge task to cross of our list. 

This home of ours will surely be missed, but there are some fun NEW dreams in the works for when we get back. Meaning, we may not be back exactly right here upon our return. I'll be sure and keep you posted. Big dreams take time to manifest.

BudgetingJohanna Swanson