Offer UP

Getting rid of all our stuff is a huge chore.  It is almost February, meaning that our goal of getting rid of what we didn't want by January has gone and past. I guess there is this part of me that wonders if we may be getting rid of things too soon.  People have suggested making sure to be comfortable for the few months before we leave.  But I think I am ready.  I want to get rid of it all;  get rid of the dressers and the bed frame, the clothes and the books.

We had a garage sale a few weeks ago and sold about a day and a half's worth of "stuff".  See at this point we are thinking of money in terms of time.  If we are budgeting to spend only $100 a day then Jake has $$ measured out to the minute.  That is Jake's role in all this preparation.  He sells our stuff and I plan the itinerary! We each took on the roles rather organically and finally acknowledged and approved of our current state of affairs.  It's good to check in every once in a while and make sure nobody is feeling resentful for the responsibilities that have been taken or unconsciously assigned. 

Since we are going to be renting out our house and have very limited storage space it will be easy to get rid of stuff.  We will be selling our bed, our dressers, our kids beds, our living room hutch and buffet. So just keeping the guest bed, kids dresser, couch, chairs and kitchen table and chairs. 

I am feeling ready to get rid of all my clothes, shoes, accessories, and start packing up those boxes.  Before I start, I am going to do some research and really get serious about creating a capsule collection of clothing.  Actually make that two collections.  One for work and one for free time.  The work capsule should be super easy because we are only wearing black to protest the fact that teachers have not gotten a raise in 6 years.  Plus I only work three days a week and by the time I go back to work after all my surgeries, I have one more, I'll only be working for 2.5 months.  Wow, to say that sounds crazy.  I am running out of time! When I get that figured out a bit better I'll post my link here.


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